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Gas Appliance Maintenance & Repair

Maintaining gas appliances can easily be overlooked.

Most people do not even give their gas boiler a second thought until something goes wrong. When it works, it works.

This is a false economy – if an appliance is taken care of it will serve you well for longer. It’s just like servicing a car – if you take care of it, it’ll be there when you need it. Boilers and other gas appliances are just the same.

We regularly install , service and maintain the following brands of boiler:

… and we usually use the following theromstats and programming units:

We will attend to most makes of gas appliances and boilers for repair and or servicing and inspections.

We also will call to repair and or replace any makes of radiator, pumps and or control units, hot water cylinders etc. – THE PHONE IS ALWAYS ON…. 0800 298 7409.

The Phone is always on - call 0800 298 7409 or contact us here.